Go faster, farther, and longer with less effort

Runners put a lot of unnecessary stress on their bodies because they don’t know how to let their natural postural mechanism work for them.

The Alexander Technique

Removes the “brakes” on runner’s body making the runner lighter, faster, and freer

  • Allows the runner to do more by doing less
  • Teaches runners the proper technique for “running tall”
  • Prevents injury to the knees and other joints and facilitates recovery
  • Improves breathing and energy levels
  • Places the focus on the means rather than the end, so runners achieve their goals efficiently without strain

For insights into developing a more natural way of running using the Alexander Technique from expert runner and trainer Malcolm Balk, visit his website www.theartofrunning.com.

Alain has trained extensively with Malcolm and can help you apply these principles to improve your form, distance, and endurance.

Cyclists must travel great distances for long periods of time on a device ergonomically designed to force users to work against their bodies’ own natural movement and posture.

The Alexander Technique restores the natural alignment of the back when sitting on a bicycle, which

  • Diminishes fatigue
  • Allows the body to move more freely
  • Increases the efficiency, speed, and fluidity of the legs
  • Gives cyclists more power through less exertion
  • Enables cyclists to ride with more ease and enjoyment.
  • Working out is a very healthy way to stay in shape, yet injuries are common due to incorrect technique, adding too much weight, “cheating” and forced reps, training too often, poor concentration, and lack of stretching.

    The Alexander Technique addresses movement in relationship to the whole, which

    • Improves results from working out and lifting weights
    • Reduces recovery time, prevents injury, and helps the body heal injuries faster
    • Enhances body awareness to release certain muscles from overuse
    • Improves reflexes, balance, and coordination
    • Increases stamina, energy, and endurance