Reverse the Aging Process — Take Charge of How You Feel

With the Alexander Technique, “getting old” is no longer a matter of letting aches, pains, and other chronic health problems grind you to your grave. Not only does the Alexander Technique alleviate those aches and pains, but it will actually make you look and feel younger!

Anyone can practice the Alexander Technique regardless of age or physical condition. Through a simple process of learning to properly coordinate body movements with less effort, the Alexander Technique:

1 .Enables you to perform everyday activities with ease
2. Allows you to pursue more demanding physical activities like tennis, golf, gardening, dancing—and playing with grandkids!
3. Restores poise and balance so you can move like a 20 year old.
4. Increases flexibility of the joints and reduces pressure on them, easing the symptoms of arthritis
5. Alleviates stress, anxiety, and related physical symptoms
6. Prevents and heals long-term illness by improving breathing, organ function, digestion, and reducing blood pressure
7. Helps to regain and maintain full mobility
8. Improves mental focus and alertness
9. Enhances stamina—you feel lighter and glow!

Don’t sit out the rest of your life on the sidelines — become an active participant in creating a new life filled with fun, joy, and pleasurable activity.